The lovely Kirra Sue.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend." 
- Robert Louis Stevenson

This weekend was a delight.
Miss Kirra Sue flew in Friday morning to visit our little hometown and stay a couple days.
It was a packed weekend to say the least, but we had a blast.

Some highlights:

- Yummy burgers and raw organic food at Joe's Naturals in Leiper's Fork
- Antique shops galore in Leiper's Fork and downtown Franklin
- The Farmer's Market at the Factory on Saturday morning
- Sushi at Wild Ginger
- An estate sale in a $7 million house
- Hobby Lobby. Enough said.
- Finding an amaaaazing deal on this vintage mixer that works. Leave it to Kirra to find such a gem in mounds of antiques.
- She could not believe all the animals here. I remember feeling the same way when I'd been in the city for several months, then returned home. Horses, cows, deer, birds, goats. On our way home from the airport, she kept pointing out every single animal and around one corner, we saw several brown cows and she said, "Whitney! What are those?!?" Maybe you had to be there, but it made me laugh. This girl's been in the city a little too long. :) I love it.
- Taking a painting class where I teach. She's a brave girl for trying something very new and out of the ordinary and I hope she posts pics of her painting - she did an awesome job!
- Taking in all the gorgeous Fall colors (and incredible 70-degree weather!) that are sticking around.

Overall, though, it was just a joy being together. I love that I can laugh [hard!] with her, craft with her, talk about the Lord openly with her, be challenged by her, or even just sit and not say anything at all (although that's rare). What a treat.


Thank you so, so much for spending your weekend with us (and thanks to Taylor, too, for sharing you for a couple days!). We are so blessed to have the Suttons in our lives!



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