Our dear Chicago.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taxi riding
As you know, Shawn and I spent this past glorious weekend in Chicago. It could not have been more perfect! Even with the 40 degree temperatures and strong wind at times, we soaked up every minute in our favorite city and could not stop saying how happy we were to be there together. It honestly felt, at times, like we'd never even left - we remembered street names and CTA routes with ease, ran into several people we knew in the city (who didn't know we'd moved), and reconnected with lots of dear friends.

My love in the city where we met
Our excuse for being there was to celebrate our 2nd anniversary - which I can't even believe! - 2 months early. We got married on my parents' anniversary, December 27th, which is obviously 2 days after Christmas and tends to get lost with having family in town for Christmas (which we love). So to celebrate early, we booked cheap flights, found a great hotel, and felt a lot like grown ups jetting off for the weekend with no real reason but to have fun and enjoy each other.

View from our hotel room balcony
We spent our first night eating at the Grand Lux, our favorite restaurant in the city which holds such special memories for us. Shawn asked me to be his girlfriend there, we've celebrated birthdays there, and brought lots of friends and family there. It's just a sweet place to be (and the food was incredible).

The next morning, we met our dear friends Kirra and Taylor for breakfast at Elly's. It was so refreshing to reconnect with them in person (Kirra and I talk all the time, but it's nice being face to face!). It always seems to happen this way, but we start out catching up all four of us, then later, Kirra and I have lots to say about blogging, antiques, Anthro, friendships, etc. etc. and Taylor and Shawn chat about theology. I love it. And love them. And I'm thriiiillllled that Kirra is coming for a visit in just a few weeks!!!

PS - Later in the day, we met up with Kirra again but we saw her on the street before she saw us and so we ran right toward her and scared her a lot. Sorry, friend. :)

We also got to see our newlywed friends, Josiah & Jamie Lee.
I seriously can't believe this is the only picture I took while we were with them and it's blurry! (This was Josiah asking, "How do you get one of these cookies out if someone buys it?" Haha.)

We got a tour of their new adorable apartment, ate yummy Japanese food, walked around the city along with hundreds of Halloween-costumed people, and visited Vosges for some spicy drinking chocolate.

While in the city, we also stopped at Argo three times. I miss it that much.

Shawn likes it too, but nowhere near as much as he loves Intelligentsia. In fact, I might just have to frame the picture below: his beloved espresso. For Shawn, there's just nothing like it.

We did lots more and saw other friends and I just simply forgot to take pictures. That can sometimes be a good thing, I think, to just take in the moment without having to snap a picture every few minutes.

All in all, our dear Chicago welcomed us well and we returned to a much warmer Tennessee so grateful for the weekend and a little exhausted. And even though we know we're supposed to be right where we are and doing the things we do in this season, we picture a day that we'll be in Chicago again.


Until then, we hope she shows a little mercy on all our friends this winter. :)


  1. Makes me so happy. When you guys are here it does feel like you NEVER left. But that's probably due to the fact that we talk almost everyday. :) I loved the picture of Shawn and the city & the espresso is PERFECT. That would look perfect framed. And so Chicago. Love you so,so much. Less than 19 days!

  2. LOVE love intelligensia. Dallas just started serving Intelligensia in one of the local shops, and I'm thrilled!

  3. SO glad you had a good weekend, whit! you sound just like me whenever i go back to texas. i just soak it all in and it feels so good to be back to the city you love the most :) call you soon, friend!!

  4. looks like so much fun. i have only really driven through chicago and i loved it. i must go back.

  5. yum, intelligentsia.
    this reminds me to really take advantage of living in the city before i move away!

  6. Happy upcoming Anniversary to you two! This is seriously an absolutely lovely blog and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! I'd love for you to visit and follow too if you like :)

  7. I've never tried Argo tea - I will have to put that on my list of things to do next time I go to Chicago!


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