Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Speaking of non-traditional...
Eating Thanksgiving dinner around an open fire outside was a first for me. A delicious first.
Roasted cornish hens, corn on the cob, potatoes, and collard greens... yum.
Lawn chairs, good conversation, a warm breeze.
And most importantly, family.
Family that Shawn had not seen for more than 3 years and I had only met very briefly when we were dating.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we skipped right to Christmas for a few minutes to give Grandma Newby some gifts in person (instead of having her open them later when we weren't there).
This precious woman was such a delight to be with - and our real reason for driving 12 hours one way over a weekend. She has less than 10% of her vision after a recent surgery, and never complained once. We described the painting I gave her and as she looked close, she could pick out a few details and kept saying how beautiful it was.
It was a Thanksgiving dinner - mostly spent around that smoldering cherry wood fire - that we will not forget.


  1. your thanksgiving looks like the original one! outside. corn on the cob. you know...

    p.s tell me you made that pie outside on the grill!

  2. i love these pictures - and what a cool experience! i'm glad you guys were able to make the trip to FL. i'm sure it meant so much to the Newbys and to Shawn!

    love and miss you, friend!

  3. Grammaw! What a dear she is and you couldn't have captured her better. The pictures are wonderful. We only wish we could've been there in person!!

  4. Awesome! I would LOVE to buy one of your paintings. Do you have any for sale?


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