Our Christmas wreath.

Monday, December 20, 2010

In case you're in need of some last minute Christmas decor before family and friends come to visit, I thought I'd share this. I actually made it several weeks ago when Kirra was in town, but finally hung it on our front door just in time for Christmas.


It couldn't have been easier to make.
I wrapped a straw wreath form in a simple linen-ish fabric, then wrapped some doilies around one side of it and pinned them with small pins. (You could also use a glue gun.)

This rose was something I bought in London (as a large brooch) several years ago, and it had been laying in my craft closet forever. I pinned it on, too. You could easily use a large silk flower or two from a craft store.
The lettering is from any craft store and was already glittered. I just glued the backs of the letters to a piece of twine. 
"Wonder & Joy" pretty much sums up what I feel around Christmas.
And I have a feeling it may have been what Mary felt, too. 
What a wondrous, joyful time of year!


  1. such a beautiful wreath!! i love that it's something you can use again too!

  2. Great idea - I would love to see a picture of your craft closet, you have the coolest things on hand all the time :)

  3. Doilys on wreaths?! Perfection! Great job, my dear.

  4. I love this - so classic looking. And the letters are such a whimsical touch.


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