Freezer love.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I wish I could say I serve this kind of meal to my husband every night.
Gluten-free chicken mushroom rice tetrazzini casserole
But in this season, it just isn't possible.
So I've decided to do this:

Making meals in multiples, then freezing what we don't immediately need.
I know it's not a novel idea - it's just novel in our house.
I think it's going to help so much when I can only cook maybe 2 nights a week. (At least I hope so!)

Anyone have any healthy freezer-friendly recipes you recommend?
I'm all ears!
(My husband thanks you in advance!)


  1. I know it's not a novel idea, and yet freezer cooking is just something I never think to do. When I was pregnant with Judah, I froze a lot of meals just so I would have meals for after people left who were helping me. And it saved me so much work!! I froze lasagna, chili, corn chowder, meat/bean casserole, etc. I need to start doing that again!!

  2. This woman stopped blogging recently but she has some really great freezer recipes.

  3. a lot of soups freeze really well and then we will make a panini or something to go with them. also spaghetti sauce so you just have to cook the noodles. (i don't know how gluten free friendly these ideas are sorry!)

  4. PW's braised beef brisket is amazing...even after being fronzen!!

  5. So I just meal planned and planned to freeze chicken enchiladas. I always make them early so I have them as a 'go to'...and they are delicious!

  6. Whitney - You should check out

    Really great resource for cooking in bulk / freezing. Hope its helpful!

  7. roasts freeze really well--we'll make beef stroganoff with it the 2nd, 3rd time too...and it's not too much extra work to just make a larger roast...we are always freezing soups & freezing them in smaller containers to pack as soups for lunches as well....lasagna's/egg casseroles are suppose to be good freezing items ...we're suppose to receive a foster baby this week, so I have plans of making a bunch of meals & freezing them tonight so my week is less stressful....thanks for this post! Perfect timing!!

  8. Chili! And you can freeze it in a gallon ziploc (squeeze as much air out as possible). Be sure to thaw in a bowl just in case the ziploc busts.

  9. one of our favorites to freeze is seasoned meat.
    tacos, Asian lettuce wraps - thaw and some no cook ingredients (lettuce, shells, wraps, salsa) and dinner is done!


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