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Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's been a whirlwind since beginning nursing school a few weeks ago, and honestly, I am loving it. Today marked my first assessment where I had to take a fellow nursing student's vital signs and do a head-to-toe assessment (as if they were a bedridden patient) - all in front of my professor. It was nerve wracking, but so exciting. I love how everything I'm learning is just so practical. As soon as next week, I'll be using it in a hospital setting!

Some things I've learned so far: 
1. I adore scrubs. Especially ones that fit (those are hard to come by!). It's like wearing comfy pajamas to school and work! Any nurses out there have tips on good brands to try?
2. I've got to figure out some balance. I somehow get all my homework done and am still working part-time, but I haven't cooked a single meal since I started - or written hardly any blog posts. I miss both of those things. I'm trying!
3. I feel a lot of compassion for anyone who has to get a catheter. I feel even more compassion for the patient who I catheterize for the first time. (That last photo is of a catheter kit... for practice on mannequins, not on humans. Yet.)
4. I have a feeling, more every day, that this is what I was made to do: to care for people in their most vulnerable times. I cannot wait for my first patient!

Thanks for all the well wishes I've received! :)


  1. I was a CNA in high school & college & my mom ended up sewing me scrubs cuz they're so hard to find...the Small sizes felt like a Large on me!

  2. yay!!! so cute!! glad you are loving it!! ps- i can't believe kels is moving so far away! what a grand adventure! are you going to go visit?!

  3. oh wow, girl you are too cute!
    so excited and proud of you!! :)

  4. When I was in labor with Ruby, they had to give me a catheter with my epidural. I consented to a nursing student doing it. She said she'd done it before. As she started the process of putting it in, she further explained that she'd done it before...on a cadaver. I was her first live patient! At least I couldn't feel anything since I had my epidural already.

  5. soooooooo proud!!!! cannot wait to catch up with you this weekend on a much needed phone date!!!! love you!!

  6. Congrats Whitney! Sounds like you are having a great time in school. I love the Grey's Anatomy scrubs. They are tailored and have lots of options for styles of tops and pants. I'm also a fan of Iguana Med. Super comfy. I signed up for mailings from my local scrub shop and use their coupons. Good luck!

  7. I'm so excited for you and this new season of your life!! Goooooo Whitney!

  8. THANK GOD for Nurses like you!!
    <3 Leigh

  9. One more well-wisher here! You seem to be really enjoying yourself! Good luck on the semesters ahead!

  10. The nurses at the hospital I worked at LOVED Urbane scrubs- they would rave about them all the time (and they all looked very chic).

    I think your attitude towards caring is so impressive, and we need more people like you in the medical field. SO many of the doctors and nurses I've encountered forget that their patients are people first and foremost. God bless you!

  11. you look so adorable, whitney!!!

  12. From what I know about you from your blog, you're gonna be a GREAT nurse. One of those that everyone loves and wants to be with. :) Hope the studying continues well! Will be praying that you have some down time too...baking and blogging are great for that. :) Enjoy a nice Sabbath sometime soon!

  13. Could you look any cuter in scrubs?!! :)

  14. You are making me smile, and making me remember the beginning of it all again. I just finished my 3rd year of nursing school- one more to go! I had to take a year off b/c of thyroid cancer (blech) but I can't wait to start again this fall! I wish you all the best- it will stretch you and challenge you in wonderful and frightening ways, and you will have so much to offer. All the very best to you!


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