Comfort food.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfort food, according to Webster's dictionary where it was first used in 1977, refers to "foods consumed to achieve some level of improved emotional status, whether to relieve negative psychological affect or to increase positive." 
I happen to think it could also be defined as food that reminds you of your childhood.

For me, it's this:
Buttery noodles drenched in parmesan cheese. 
It's what I used to eat all the time at home as a kid on the weekends when my parents were out of town (except back then, I loaded it up with squeeze butter, not the real stuff. Gross.)
It's what I ate the other day after a long day at school. It's just what sounded good - this time with gluten-free noodles, of course, and way too much parmesan cheese.

What's a favorite comfort food of yours? 


  1. it depends on my mood, but probably a 'cheesy potato' type of casserole. This weekend I tried a new Italian recipe called a Potato Cake, which is similar, but you take it out of a round pan like a cake! It was delicious, I need to do it again, and take pictures... ~ Christa

  2. i think we share the same comfort food! love this meal.

  3. right now its peanut butter oreos. heheh - not the healthiest but it def brings me lots of comfort!!

  4. I totally agree that comfort food is food that reminds you of your childhood! For me, it's anything Italian. My mom is Italian and she made all sorts of yummy carbo loaded things when I was little :)

  5. the same! I didn't start eating noodles with tomato sauce until 2 years ago... and I go through parmesan cheese like crazy :)

  6. homemade chocolate chip cookies!


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