Happy 60th Anniversary!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today marks 60 years that my grandparents have been married. 
Isn't that remarkable? 
My all-time favorite picture of them. My cousin Sarah took this. It's perfect.
Though I've only known them for the past 25, it has been such a privilege watching their marriage get stronger and sweeter with the passing of time. This year has been a particularly difficult one as Grandpa is slowing down and doesn't always know where he is or what he is doing. But Grandma continues to love him well, staying with him 24/7 and doing anything and everything for him.

One of my favorite memories of them, and something they still do today, is that Grandma fixes Grandpa's hair every single morning. She's probably done it for at least 20 years, maybe more. When he gets out of the shower, he sits on the toilet seat and she brushes and blow-dries that soft, snowy white hair. I love that picture of a woman really loving her husband well. 

One memory that sticks out of Grandpa is one I never experienced, but I heard about and it never left my mind. He worked for AT&T for many, many years and if the other workers in his company would go on strike, he wouldn't be able to work - so he'd go to the local gas station and get a job pumping gas until he could work at AT&T again. I can't imagine a more humble act for a husband and a father, doing anything to provide for those he loves.

I have such a legacy in these two and am so proud to call them my grandparents. In a world where so few marriages thrive, I'm so thankful theirs truly has.
Happy 60 years, Grandma & Grandpa!


  1. lovely post. Congratulations to them for 60 years. ~ christa

  2. This is SO sweet! My grandparents hit 60 years a few years ago and it truly is SO amazing! Sometimes I look at my husband now and try to picture what we'll be like in 60 years :)

  3. that is beautiful and you are so lucky to have them to learn from. happy anniversary to them.

  4. glad you like my picture! Happy 60th Grandma and Grandpa!

  5. Lovely! The first picture is truly amazing. Such an inspiration...thank you for sharing it with us. Happy anniversary from me too :)

  6. They are adorable. I love the hair drying. So sweet I can't even take it!


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