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Friday, March 4, 2011

I thought this was funny. There are a whooooole lot of Marys out there!
Because of our opposite schedules right now, often the only time I get to talk to Shawn face to face is as we lie in our bed, drifting off to sleep. We're both exhausted, and it makes for some funny conversations. My favorite conversations, in fact. Giggles, belly laughs, all in our cozy room.

Last night made me laugh hard... we talked about kids' names. I'm always the one that brings this up, because I love to think about it. I think I love thinking about their names even more than I love thinking about our [very distant] future kids. We're just not ready anytime soon. We have a few names written down that we both like a lot, but I'm always thinking of new ones or jotting them down if I hear ones I like.

Today on the radio, I heard a few.

Me: "What do you think about the name Declan?" (A British NPR reporter, by the way.)
Him: "Declan? That's a name?" (Ok, maybe not. It's so easy to tell if he likes it right away or not.)
Me: "What about Margot?"
Him: "Margot? Like escargot? Umm no. Do you think right now is really the best time to be talking about this?"


There are lots of other names I like and he doesn't, but only because I'm the only one thinking of them, so lots are bound to be rejected. I guess "Newby" is a little hard to match, but still. It's a fun game - at least for me.

PS - Seriously no offense if your kids are Declan and Margot. I happen to love those names. And I am prepared to whisper them in Shawn's ear as he goes to sleep so he will maybe love them someday too.
PPS - I just looked up Declan and it means "full of goodness." Margot means "pearl." And St. Declan was an Irish saint who preached in Ireland prior to the arrival of St. Patrick. You're reading this, right Shawn?


  1. i've played this game my entire life!! my future kids are fortunate they didn't meet me in first grade, i laugh at the memories!

    and doesn't the meaning just make it or break it. i've wished their was a profession to just name babies all day long! wouldn't it be the greatest.

    your future little ones are already loved. so sweet!

  2. I LIKE the name Declan! Have you seen the movie Leap Year? Cuz if you have then you will love that name automatically!! CUTENESS!

  3. i love margot!!!!!!!!!! margot newby sounds adorable:o)!

  4. I LOVE brainstorming baby names! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6 months and so far we only agree on 1 name! Hopefully we can see eye to eye when we actually have a little one on the way :)

  5. Oh, Brian vetoed most of the names I've loved. I know a Declan AND a Margo!

  6. You'll love these:


  7. Well, I gotta comment on this one, Whit! Mama and I went round and round about what to call Shawn before he was born. Well, actually we seemed to never agree and so in the days before he was born, and we still hadn't agreed, we just seemed to avoid the subject. So suddenly Shawn was there and we had to make a decision. Off the top of my head, when the nurse stood there holding him and asking me for his name, I blurted out..... uh... Kevin! So the nurse called him Kevin. But it just didn't sound right. So, when Mama was able to concentrate (maybe a couple hours later, I don't remember), we HAD to make the decision. Since Shawn was born on Dec. 6, that's St. Nikolaus Day in Germany, we actually (believe it or not) thought about naming him "Niklaus" or "Nicklas" or something. Can you imagine? He would have been "Nicky Newby". Somehow we settled on the name Shawn, but weren't sure how we wanted to spell it... "Shawn" or "Sean" (as in Connery). We decided on the first option cuz the Germans would have constantly mispronounced the second one. As it is, they always mispronounced "Shawn" anyway. So here in Germany, everyone has to be registered with the government and when I went to the courthouse to register our new baby and told them his name, they wouldn't allow me to name him Shawn! They said their book says that is a girl's name. I couldn't believe I couldn't name my kid what I wanted to. So there was a huge back-and-forth and finally (duh) we got "Shawn" approved.

  8. I'm a long way from even getting married, but I love thinking of baby names too! I think Malory for a girl or Garret for a boy would sound cute with Newby. :)

  9. I love the name Declan so much I couldn't wait for children to use it. One of my cats was given the name :)

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