Speaking of Spring...

Friday, March 25, 2011

If you live anywhere near Nashville, you probably remember how gorgeous this past weekend was. It was stunning! It teased us into thinking Spring was really on its way, when just a few days later it would plummet down to the 40s again. (Chicago friends, don't be too jealous. Spring might someday come to you, too.) :)

This past Sunday afternoon, I think it must have reached 80 degrees. It was glorious, and we wanted nothing else but to be outside enjoying it.

Shawn took the opportunity to wash our cars. Note the goat in the background. :)

Meanwhile, I found a pretty spot in our yard to study. Sure, I could've sat right inside at our desk. But I just couldn't resist. The sunshine, the tufts of flowers, and a cozy blanket were calling my name.
I wish I could say I was reading Redeeming Love or something by Jane Austen, but in reality, I was studying skin diseases. I almost posted a picture, but then I thought it better to just keep you looking at all the beauty I was surrounded with.

Come again, 80 degrees. We welcome you with open arms.


  1. Beautiful pictures:) You're laying in a field of flowers do you have ANY idea how jealous I am?!?!

  2. love those photos of you! how dreamy!

  3. We are looking for the perfect spot to take preggo pics...how quickly can we get to Nashville?! :)

  4. ok, question. Was Shawn taking your pictures, or did you set it up on a tri-pod and a timer?? Love the flowers.... :D ~ Christa

  5. Thanks, friends!

    Christa, Shawn took the pictures. :)

  6. My goodness, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. LOL about the goat in the background - I almost thought it was a dog!

  7. Absolutely love these!!


  8. don'tcha just love love warm spring days??

    the last photo is gorgeous.


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