Sweet mornings.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes it feels so good to break the routine.
To wake up a few minutes early to actually sit down to breakfast instead of just grabbing a smoothie on the way out.
To look across the table at your sweet husband, who you wouldn't have seen if you'd slept in just a few more minutes.

This morning, it was waffles. Gluten-free waffles that I made lots and lots of, so we can freeze some for those mornings that making them from scratch isn't an option (which is, to be honest, almost every morning).

It was the very sweetest day to begin the day.

PS - Is this planter not adorable? It was a birthday gift from sweet Kirra and it is so perfect in my kitchen. Thank you, friend!!


  1. that planter is so cute! i also like the powder puff shirt! yay BA!

  2. I love your ring.

    Also, fun waffle shape! Is it like a clover?

  3. I love Shawn's powder puff shirt :D
    The planter is GREAT! makes a great accessory for photos too... you can see what I'm thinking about lately!


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