Muffin man.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Husband,

Soccer player.
Business man.
These are all things I knew about you.

But baker?
I had no idea.

I came home from work tonight and opened the door to the scent of warm cinnamon that enveloped our house. There were empty bowls and dustings of flour covering the counter. And there were muffins in the oven - and you made them! Completely from scratch. And gluten-free, at that! (Oh, and there was one excited boy with a huge smile across his face. Can't forget that.)

I am so impressed. 

One day, if we're lucky enough to have a son, I hope I remember to tell him about this night. The night you taught yourself to bake morning glory muffins from scratch for the first time to bless your wife. I'll tell him that doing that is a really good way to a girl's heart.

Your wife



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