Quick DIY: Weathering terra cotta

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disclaimer: Full sun is not the best for taking pics, but it was the only option today (because it's gorgeous and sunny outside today!). I won't complain, just wanted you to know they're not the best.

These terra cotta planters and pots have been sitting in the corner of our deck for... umm... a year? Too long. Even though I love to garden in the summer, I don't have the greenest thumb, so I don't always rush to fill pots when I know I'll probably kill an innocent plant.

But today I wanted to give those planters a little facelift.

I started by spray painting them white. It wasn't perfect, at all. It was a quick job and a little drippy, but it didn't matter.

I waited a few minutes for it to dry, then sanded a little of the paint off by hand.

Finally, I added some stain. I dipped an old rag in the stain, gave it a quick coat, then wiped it off with a drier side of the rag.

And that's it!

They look a little different, huh? I'm thinking I may use one for herbs (outside) and the other for a fake plant (inside). In all - including drying time - this probably only took about 30 minutes. I hope you try it!


  1. I seriously like this project-- and plan to remember it and utilize it in the near future!
    I sewed up some rice bags the other day... thanks to reading your DIY project for that several months ago... :D Christa


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