Things that make me laugh: school edition.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1. This concept. 
When I bought it at school the other day, I was showing it off to anyone that passed by... an organic, gluten-free picnic in a box! What a novel idea! Or so I thought, until someone told me it was just a fancy Lunchable. :) Still... isn't it fun?! It even had a Sudoku at the bottom of the box. Like a grown up Happy Meal, healthy style.

2. These mannequins all wear this same pained expression. I hope it doesn't make me callous if I laugh when I see them.
Shawn does the very best impression of them.
What will make these mannequins even more strange is that next week during a simulation, they'll talk. One of our professors, hidden in a back room, will be on a microphone responding to us through the mannequin. Still not sure what to think about that. Creepy doesn't even do it justice.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA that mannequin is HILARIOUS!!! haha thanks for sharing. that's ridiculous. hahaha

  2. (i obviously had to relay the fact that i couldn't stop laughing in that comment :) )

  3. oh goodness - that mannequin FREAKED ME out at first! hahahahaha - love it!

  4. That mannequin is hysterical looking!!! ha ha ...reminds me a bit of GROMMIT! A sick Grommit! Ask Shawn...

  5. i would hope i wouldn't have to go first with the mannequin in my class, i might laugh if it really is as pained/awkward/strange looking in real life as in the picture.

    love the idea of a grown up lunchable/happy meal!

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