Sewing 101.

Monday, June 27, 2011

So a few of you have emailed me recently to ask about sewing.
How did I learn?
Any tips in getting started?
Any tutorials I'd recommend?
I actually had the enormous privilege of learning from my Grandma Tunney, who was a professional seamstress for her entire career. She taught me all the basics and inspired me to keep practicing and practicing, because that's how you really learn. So now I want to inspire you... if you have a sewing machine, know how to thread it and sew a straight line, and you've got some guts - you can totally do it!

So here are a few tutorials that helped me get started:
1. Gathered clutch tutorial by Anna of Noodlehead. These instructions are so clear and helped me to put in a zipper for the very first time on my own. And the bag turns out to be pretty cute, too! Highly recommend.
2. This simple clutch tutorial by RubyEllen at Cakies is wonderful, too. It takes a little more ingenuity with cutting the pattern, but it's still very doable.
3. This zippered pouch tutorial by GussySews is so helpful in understanding zippers. They can be pretty tricky, but she breaks it down beautifully.

I hope you're inspired!
Happy sewing!

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  1. Thanks! I've been wanting to learn how to sew for quite a while, but need to get our sewing machine in order and have someone show me how to use it! :D I would love to sew though! Sounds so fun!


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