DIY: Post earrings.

Friday, July 8, 2011


This little DIY is something I've been making for a while, but recently thought would be fun to post. (I know I love reading DIY projects on other blogs, so I thought you might enjoy this.) :) I don't have many post earrings because I tend to like big earrings, but in nursing school, we're only allowed to wear posts in clinical settings. These are so bright and happy and you can make them in any color, so they're perfect for what I need.

The supplies are easy to find on Etsy, if not in your local craft store. In the supply list, I've included some links to find them easily (just click on the supply that's highlighted).


You'll need:
1. Pretty cardstock. It doesn't have to be cut into circles - any cardstock will do. I think cardstock works better than paper, and the smaller the pattern, the better.
2. Clear cabochons, 15 mm round bezels to hold the clear plastic part, and earring backs (which can be found at any local craft or bead store). Just make sure the cabochons and the bezels you order are the same size.
3. E-6000 glue. My go-to glue for any jewelry making.
4. Diamond Glaze OR any glue that works well on paper and dries clear.

Here's what to do:
1. Figure out what you'd like in the center of your earrings. Place the cabochons on the paper to see what it'll look like. It tends to magnify the image a bit, so keep that in mind.
2. Trace around the plastic part, then cut just on the inside of your line.
3. Add a dot of Diamond Glaze (or glue) to the bottom of the gold part, then put your piece of paper on top so it's glued to the base.
4. Add another dot of Diamond Glaze or glue on top of the paper, and set your plastic piece on top. You want to make sure you have enough glue that when you press the plastic part, it covers completely. But you also don't want too much glue that it starts leaking out the sides when you press down. A little practice makes perfect, I promise. :)

Next, flip the pieces over, add a dab of E-6000 glue, and attach the earring backs.
Then make cute little earring cards, and give to all your friends!


You could also use fabric for the inside, or even old sheet music.
Let me know if you end up making these! I'd love to see them!!

PS - If you're not up for making them, I may put some in my Etsy shop soon. :)


  1. Some of my favorite earrings! I need to make more! I vote though that you put some in the shop so I can just buy them & skip the whole making them process. :)

  2. These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing! Hope to try my hand at them soon!

  3. Great tutorial. How do you prevent the posts from tarnishing? I've tried making some post earrings before but the backs always turn on me?

    1. Good question... Some of mine do after time and others don't, but I'm not really sure why! Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  4. if you can purchase surgical steel posts. I find they never tarnish :)

  5. When I used E6000 to attach the posts, they tended to pop off with one good tug.. any suggestions of what else to use?

    1. Hmm... I haven't had that problem, but I'm thinking the key is to make sure you're using enough glue and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Maybe try that?

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