Garden update.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm a little sad to admit how neglected our garden has been this year. Nevertheless, it's been so good to us despite us letting it run over with grass and weeds.

Here's what we've got so far:
Green bell peppers

Bushes of basil (literally... bushes. Anyone need some?)

Our first baby tomatoes!

Arugula (which actually looks kinda pretty in a vase)


And tons of okra

And finally...we have something we didn't even invite...
Watermelon is a funny thing. It likes to grow all over all of your other plants - so we didn't plant it again this year. But lo and behold, it came back anyway! As long as it's here, I hope it produces many sweet watermelons!

What's growing in your garden??


  1. Oops- you let the Basil flower! Better pick all the leaves off before the plant dies. If you don't need basil leaves right now, you can always whip up an easy pesto, throw it in an ice cube tray and let it freeze, then take a cube out whenever you need it.

    We are big gardeners over at our house but unfortunately with this intense summer heat (FL) all we have growing right now is cover crop. So we basically have a whole backyard full of cowpeas growing but it's going to make the soil so amazing when it comes time to plant for fall!

    That watermelon looks yummy, probably the best uninvited guest I've seen :)

  2. yeah, I like the size & color of this uninvited guest...(ie compared to last year!) mmmm sure hopin' the garden will still be growing when we come! :-) You MIGHT even talk me into some okra! :-)

  3. growing in our garden? pumpkins, zucchini, and tomatoes! :) I love fresh produce, it's seriously the BEST.


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