Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Ellie, waiting for the antique store doors to open.
Yesterday, my friend Justine and I took a quick trip across the Kentucky state line to visit our friend Whitney in Bowling Green.

The occasion? Antiquing.
Competitive antiquing at that.
There's a very unassuming antique/thrift/little-bit-of-everything shop in Bowling Green that has one special booth with incredible prices. And the insider antiquers know all about it. So at 10:00am when the doors opened, 6 or 7 other women (and a couple men) filed into the shop to see the newest findings from the weekend. And to claim your future purchases, you have to pull the price tags off. A couple of us (not mentioning any names) had their fingers completely full of stickers.

It was a little too intense for pictures at the moment - I mean, there were vintage crates and dishes and books at rock bottom prices waiting to be claimed - so about 95% of the pictures I took of the visit were really just of baby Ellie. But who could blame me? She's a beauty.
Whit's beautifully curated, vintage-decorated home. Didn't take enough pictures of it!
The star of the show. And her golf ball.
   IMG_0617  IMG_0624 IMG_0631 IMG_0632

Thanks for having us, Winkler women! We loved our time with you. 

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