Around our house this morning.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When I walked into the sunroom this morning, this is what I found:
IMG_0426 IMG_0428
Quite the creative microphone stand I'd say!
Someone got his microphone to stay on the base of a lamp, held down with hair ties, while he recorded a couple new songs.
Someone's wife needs to buy him a real mic stand.
And speaking of mics, Shawn has a mini concert coming up this weekend in Columbia. He's opening for Brandon Heath and I get to sing with him on one song. It should be fun (if not completely nerve wracking for me). I'm so excited for him to be able to use his gifts. I married a multitalented man!

Ok, back to the house tour.
My favorite big room of the house: our kitchen/dining room/living room. I love how open and light it is.
Our fruit basket with bananas ready for banana bread and tomatoes from the garden!
The wide open door that we've become kind of used to this summer. I woke up with it standing open, no one in the house but me. But it's such a safe home with people always working in the yard outside (we live on lots of property with friends on either side) that I never feel unsafe. We're not in Chicago anymore!
Our growing collection of old books and cameras.
Our guest room which has been occupied for a solid month now. And we love that.

Our matching hats.
The last piece of banana bread that I made yesterday. With two ravenous men in the house, it goes quick.
Fresh flowers (Trader Joe's!) separated into vases. 2 weeks now and still going strong!
I love saving old bottles... that green one was red wine vinegar in its former life.
IMG_0422 IMG_0425

One thing is for sure: this home is well loved.


  1. I love your house. it is so simple and pretty, and just looks exactly what you said: well loved. :)

  2. Beautiful Home, Whitney. I always feel blessed reading you precious blog. You and Shawn are amazing!

  3. darling. darling. you've made a wonderful home.

  4. Love how light and airy your house is. If you don't mind me asking - what type of camera did you guys get? Is there anything special that you do to make the pictures appear to gentle/light?

  5. absolutely beautiful pictures. lovely, lovely. thanks for sharing with us :)

  6. I am in love with your photography. For a while now, I have been at a place in my life where I have just put my camera down and set my passionate love for photography aside. But I am proud to say that I have picked up my camera again and my passion for photography is still burning as strong as ever. Do you have any tips for a young aspiring photographer?

  7. Looking at these pictures, I'm missing that well-loved home! See you soon!

  8. You happen to be friends with an audio engineer who can help you out with that mic stand you need. Email him. He can tell you what to get. :)


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