Dear Husband,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The other night, you stayed up way later than normal to help me finish a Brighter Day order for a bride who needed the purses quick. I watched as you knelt on our bedroom floor and cut piece after piece of fabric and I ironed and sewed them together. And I thought, "He could not be more supportive." I mean it. You probably never pictured yourself hovered over strips of silk, losing sleep over it, but you've never once complained. Instead, you've called it "our business" and tell me all the time how proud of me you are. And you dream big with me about how far this little business of ours will go. So you just needed to know: your support in every area of my life never ceases to amaze me.

Your wife


  1. This kinda makes me feel bad about placing an order! But only kinda, because I know my friend will LOVE her bag!

  2. And to clarify...I love that Shaun is so supportive! I really don't feel bad!

  3. my husband is just the same. what stinks on my end, is that he is usually better at the fine details than i am, so his final results look more polished/crisp than mine (which is still totally worth it, obviously!). i'm so thankful that God placed that man in my life because having someone encourage me is great, but having someone willing to 'get dirty' with me is magnificent.
    doing life together is what it's all about, so glad to read about a lack'o'sleep moment you guys had! :)


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