Even there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This weekend was busy, as usual, but we relished the extra day off of school and work to prepare for the week. And Fall arrived overnight! With lots of rain. So that was fun.

The most rejuvenating part of our weekend was Shawn and I listened to yet another poignant Timothy Keller sermon. This one was about Psalm 139. I decided to paint as I listened, which actually helped me to focus. I think God is glorified when we worship him creatively, with all of our senses, and it's a helpful exercise for me, too. So I painted. Is it my favorite painting I've ever done? No. But it's meaningful to me because I was able to capture little bits and pieces of truth, and they've stuck with me. I especially love the words "even there" that I put in three different spots.

When I am fast asleep in my bed last night and the storm outside knocks over an entire tree just feet away from our house... even there.
When I am convinced I can't take on one more thing without having a mental breakdown... even there.
When I am rejoicing because, once again, God has shown his grace and compassion in my life... even there.

I hope those two powerful little words are an encouragement to you today.


  1. That's such a beautiful painting! Thanks for the encouragement. -Courtney

  2. beautiful-reminder and painting-thank you

  3. Gorgeous painting. And such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness!


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