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Monday, October 3, 2011

So I guess I couldn't just stop with just one movie recommendation.

Shawn and I saw Courageous on Saturday night and were so impressed and inspired. Even though it revolves around the importance of fathers, it's something that I would recommend to any man who strives for godliness. I loved how the Gospel was so clearly portrayed, as it is in all of the movies that come from Sherwood Baptist. They are doing a great thing and I'm thankful the Lord is prospering it. And let me warn you... you better bring a whole box of kleenex. You'll need it.

Secondly, here's another movie that I cannot wait to see... just watch the trailer (with kleenex, again):

Last, this wedding highlights video is a must-see. Some friends of ours got married in July and Marianne did such a beautiful job capturing their story. There's nothing more beautiful than a wedding that reflects God's love story and this was the most worshipful wedding we've ever attended. I think you'll be able to capture a glimpse of it here:

Lt and Audra::Wedding Highlight from Marianne Bach on Vimeo.

Have you guys seen any good movies lately? 


  1. Thanks for the kleenex alert. :-)


  2. Oh wow, I loved the wedding video! thanks for sharing! P.S. It was nice meeting you on Saturday night!

  3. what a beautiful video...& I spotted 2 people I know! :-)

  4. that is one of the most well-done wedding videos i have ever seen. what an amazing wedding and awesome video work, marianne!

  5. Wow what a memory your friends will have from one of the most blessed days of their life...a true treasure.

  6. Hey! Thanks so much for posting my video! It is so great to share such a beautiful moment! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!


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