More comfort food.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a common theme these days: 
Have a long day at the hospital = come home and indulge in comfort food. You've seen it before.

I'm in my pediatrics rotation right now and it's one of the rotations I've really been dreading, to be honest. I can say my first day was probably better than my expectations (especially when the little guy I was caring for climbed onto my lap and wouldn't let go for the entire shift), but it was still pretty sad seeing kids so pitiful and sick. Unless God does something miraculous in my heart (and He could, of course), I can safely say this isn't the area for me. I'm more and more amazed every day with nurses who are clearly called to this kind of work.

So grilled cheese it was... and pajamas before 7pm... and "Look Who's Talking" on TV.
Pretty perfect, I'd say.


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