Morning light.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've gotten the question several times recently: 
"Do you always have your camera right there with you?
And the answer, simply, is yes. I don't carry it in my purse or take it to school (it would make me too nervous!), but  the camera usually sits on our kitchen counter so that I'm reminded to capture the moment whenever it comes. Because by the time I would dig my camera out of the camera bag or try to remember where I put it, the glowy, reflective light of the morning might pass... the steam off the coffee mug cooled... the moment gone. So for all those aspiring photographers who are just getting started, here's my advice: your camera should be like your right arm. Take hundreds, even thousands, of photos. I can't say practice makes "perfect," but it certainly makes "better" and trains your eye to see those moments that should be captured.


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