24 hours.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

24 hours with this girl was just what I needed.
The only photo I got... bad blogger, I know.
She volunteered to come from Kentucky for a sleepover to help me put a dent in the neverending work I need to do for BrighterDay. And I knew at that moment - she's the real deal kind of friend. What a gift. Seriously.

We had the best time... cutting fabric, doing a little DIY that I hope she'll share on her blog someday (please?), talking, laughing, baking cookies, and ending the night with a Shawn-Whitney concert (not me Whitney, her Whitney). They should go on the road, it was that beautiful. I just sat back and closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I am one lucky girl to have friends like these and to hear music like this in my very own living room.

The fun continued on Saturday morning with a trip to Bowling Green to see Ellie girl and do some thrifting. That town has it made in the antique/thrifting department. There are good places in Franklin, too, but nothing compared to the prices and selection just across the Kentucky state line.

I loved getting to be with you. I am so refreshed, encouraged, and thankful for you!
The other Whit :)

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  1. Whit! It was so fun! I am so ready to do it again, ha! I hope some of our future dreams/schemes become reality. We will see! Thanks so much. Your sweet friendship has fallen into my lap at such a needed hour!!


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