Green Smoothie.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I first saw this smoothie on Kirra's blog, and had to blog about it myself because it's just that good. It has transformed breakfast at my house. I feel like Popeye drinking my spinach every morning and enjoying every sip.

And just to keep it real around here, as I was photographing this half of my breakfast and feeling all artsy, I completely forgot about the other half that was broiling in the oven. (I have to broil gluten-free toast instead of using a toaster to prevent cross-contamination.)

But smoke alarm and all (oops!), this breakfast was totally worth it. :)

Go here for the recipe.


  1. lol, way to keep it real! :)

    Cross-contamination is a scary best friend has Celiac disease, so I'm always really careful in her home and mine. I found your blog right around the time that Emily discovered the answer to why she was so sick. I've shared many of your recipes with her. God has perfect timing!


    ♥ Bethany

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