Bieber fever. In Franklin.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Never ever in a million years did I dream I'd one day post a video of Justin Bieber on the blog... but when it's a video of him singing in the middle of Main Street in my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee... well, I think that's a good enough reason. He shot the video a couple months ago and according to several friends who went to the shoot it was kind of chaotic. When his bus pulled up, he and Selena got out and Twitter and Facebook went craaaazy until a few hundred screaming girls were there watching (and probably crying). Wow.

Can I just say, he couldn't have picked a better spot? Doesn't Franklin look so charming?! It is charming, snowing or not.

We'll be heading to the Dickens festival this weekend there with our friends Michael and Staci. I hear there's going to be a "Town Sing," horse-drawn carriage rides, and sugar plums. A perfect way to celebrate the season!

PS - I'm kind of in love with his Christmas album. SO good!


  1. I bet that girl in the video still hasn't washed her lips. :-)

    Franklin looks so charming! I've heard that it's a wonderful place to live, so I guess I'm gonna have to put on my "must visit at Christmas" list!

  2. Now that's pretty cool! I cant help but wonder if Selena minds Justin kissing other girls. :D I guess that's what you put up with if you're dating a star!

  3. I saw this video on Ellen. I am originally from Millington, TN (just outside of Memphis). So glad I found your blog. I am struggling with the confusion on whether I am gluten intolerant or not... Just read your gluten free post.... its great of you to put your story out there. It can be a confusing ordeal.

  4. Ha! How funny.
    You're right -- Franklin looks so charming!


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