108 days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The semester has begun and, with it, all of the inevitable syllabus shock.
This semester is different, though, because it's the last one (at least for this degree).
This means a lot of decisions are involved...
Where should I apply for my first nursing job?
What hospital?
What area of practice (I'll be doing my final internship in OB, but I'm still open to other possibilities)?
What should I highlight on my résumé?
And on... and on... and on.

The cap and gown have been ordered.
The countdown to graduation has begun: 108 days to go!

I can't wait for this next season... it's going to be FULL of transition, and I love that.
We'll have to wait and see how much I'll be around this blog in the next 108 days.
With all of the NCLEX prep questions, résumé writing, and 12-hour shifts, it may not be much.
But wow. I am thankful.
I'm going to be a nurse.

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  1. You're getting so close!!! I'm happy for you :)

    ♥ Bethany



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