DIY: Bleach-dying fabric.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My fabric choices go through phases.

There was the "I love really bright orange and turquoise and pink and yellow" phase.
Then there was the "I only love grays and subtle polka dots" phase.
I'm not really sure what phase I'm in right now (other than loving mustard yellow), but I have piles of fabric just lying there in my craft room because I look at it and think, "What was I thinking when I ordered this?!" I must be really fickle.

Anyway, I decided to bleach some of it in hopes that I might like it a bit more. I combined two parts water with one part bleach and soaked the fabric for about 15 minutes before putting it through a normal wash/dry cycle. And I love the results. It's a subtle change, but instead of an overly bright fabric, it's now something that looks like I might have found it rifling through my grandmother's attic. A little softer. A little more beautiful. 

It may be hard to tell from the photos, but the top photos are the original fabric soaking in bleach, and the bottom right photo features the ruffle in the original fabric on top of the bleached fabric.

I'm confident in my bleaching skills now, and next time, I may let it soak a little longer to bleach out the color even more. I have a whooole pile of fabric just waiting for a change. It has no idea what's coming for it. :)


  1. I love that! Can't wait to see what you do with your "new" fabric.

    You are braver than I. But maybe now I'll have the courage to play with bleach, too!

    ♥ Bethany

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  2. What a creative idea! Love it! I could definitely use this on a few fabrics I have upstairs. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Bennett Love

  3. What an awesome way to make fabric all the same tone. Fabulous :)

  4. Love the two paired together. :)

  5. How much bleach did you use? Bleach:water ratio?

  6. My GD and I used bleach this summer to change solid color cotton knits for t-shirts. We speckled some and she also used a squeeze bottle to make squiggly lines and funky shapes. They turned out great. You could also over dye your fabric if it is cotton. I did some white with black flowers, dyed it light pink, turned out really cute.
    p.s. Your baby is sooooooo cute.

  7. found you via Pinterest! plan to try this with a bright orange baby sling I won. thanks for sharing your experience!


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