Ode to Creator God.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's no secret that I love cities.
I still do, even after two years of living away from Chicago.

But I have to admit that living on this gorgeous land has swayed me a little.
Ok, it's swayed me a lot.
Because on a morning like this morning, there's just nothing like it.
I've always said that Fall is Franklin's best season. But this mild Spring-like Winter we've been experiencing has wooed me and now I'm not so sure.

As soon as I woke up this morning and saw that I'd slept through what must have been a deluge of rain, I had to step outside. It was a mild 53 degrees as I stood in my pajamas in my backyard and took these photos.

And then I just stood there, taking it all in.

There's just no city in the world where the birds tweet this happily,
the sun shines this brilliantly,
the dew smells this fresh.
And I know there aren't many backyards that have the sound of running water,
horses grazing just outside their pretty red barn,
and not one sound of a car.

I breathed in deeply the fresh, clean, cool air.
I breathed out praises to this Creator God who formed every blade of grass, every bare twig, every cloud in the sky with His own hands.
And tears came to my eyes.
What beauty He has given us on this earth.
And yet, it cannot even compare to the beauty of Heaven.


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! Makes me wish I had enjoyed my very similar morning (in Birmingham, AL) a little more today, rather than grabbing a cup of coffee and running out the door...

  2. Wow, in Orange County, CA is one jealous girl!

  3. My new small town is swaying me as well. I've always been a city girl, but 5 years in Chicago wore me out a bit & I'm loving my little England town. :)

  4. beautiful post, Whitney! Praising our beautiful Creator with you!

  5. I just knew it! A long time ago, when you just moved there and didn't like it, missing the big city, I knew that this day would come. And it's here and I am so so happy for you!
    Hugs, Gratiela


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