Our little unexpected visitor.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This weekend has been a delight, especially because of some unexpected visitors we had.
On Saturday morning, I got a text from my dad asking if I could call him when I got a chance, but nothing urgent. When I called, he asked me if I might have one more spot open for sewing night, and when I said "sure," my sister (who lives in Ohio) got on the phone and said, "Can I come?" I. was. shocked. (My mom was shocked too... Dad and Kels had been scheming for a while about this surprise trip.)

So of course, she brought little Charis along and I couldn't help but take a million pictures of her. Because I love her. And because just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter, she showed up wearing overalls and a ponytail on top of her head.

And then just when she thought I couldn't get any cooler, I gave her a Ring Pop. She and that Ring Pop... buddies. Does that make me a good aunt or a bad aunt?
Oh, how I love her. I've become "that aunt" who can't help but plaster a million pictures of her niece all over the internet.

And I think my parents have become "those grandparents" who dote on every little thing she does.
She's got us all wrapped around her little finger.


  1. Yea!!!!!! She is SO CUTE! Don't worry- I love being "that" auntie. :) Beautiful photos! Hope sewing night went well friend! T-minus 1 week.

  2. Being an aunt is so sweet! Is she your only niece or do you have more? My parents are the same way with their grandchildren -- the sun rises and sets with those two. :)

    1. She is my only, but she's about to be a big sister! My sister is due in August.

  3. Im' not surprised- she's a complete cutie!!

    And, may I say, that I'm LOVING your blog!! Your photos, style and content have me swooning!! I've signed up to follow you (avidly!!).


  4. Whitney, it was great getting to know you a little over sewing night. Thank you again for hosting!
    I've thought of a few ideas for future nights if you're still interested: casserole dish cover, camera strap/way to turn any bag into a camera bag, baby gifts (bibs, onesies, etc), some sort of scarf (like the infinity or braided scarf going around pinterest), or maybe a pillow cover for a standard sized pillow and then embelish as desired (I'd love to know how to make covers that allow for seasonal changes without getting a whole new pillow.)
    Just some ideas. Have a wonderful week!


    1. It was so great meeting you too... and I LOVE all your great ideas!

  5. She is so very precious - Ilove the black and whites! You have a beautiful family to be sure! I love, love, love surprises like the one your sister and dad sprang on you. My son did that to me (he lives in SF, CA and I live in VA - so it was no small feat). My heart sang with joy for days ~ The Lord is so good to us!


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