Sewing Night #2: A really belated recap.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In anticipation of another sewing night next week, I thought I'd share photos of our last sewing night (because I've been meaning to for months). We had so much fun and, as always, I was so impressed with what these novice seamstresses created.

We had snacks.
We made pillows.
We had a special guest: my Grandma, who came from Ohio. She is the Grand Master of All Things Sewing and we learned from her.
We pricked our fingers with pins more than a few times.
We sewed later than planned because so many tedious rows of ruffles demanded it.
We had fun. And that made it a successful night, in my opinion.

Can't wait for next week's sewing night!
I love this every-other-month tradition we've got going.


  1. Oh wow that looks so Beautiful Whitney. :)

  2. Fun!!! I love the yellow and white, but the plain white looks so classic. I need to organize a sewing night!


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