Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Operation Smile. And books.

Operation Smile. You've heard of it, right? They are an international children's charity that provides reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities, especially cleft lip and palate. With the help of medical volunteers, they are able to perform thousands of surgeries that will help those kiddos have a much brighter future.

I can't really imagine the feeling of having a child with a facial deformity, and living in the United States, I would have the luxury of so many options at my fingertips. Children in other countries don't always have that option. So for these surgeons and nurses who volunteer their time and talents to help them, I am so thankful. This kind of thing is right up my alley. 

So when approached me about doing a giveaway that would also help promote Operation Smile, I was all in.

Here's the deal... some of you readers are college students, right? So some of you could use some help with textbooks for an upcoming semester? (Had this been a few months ago, I'd be raising my hand high!) has offered to giveaway a $50 off coupon that doesn't have an expiration date that you'll be able to use toward renting textbooks! A portion of each one of their book rentals goes toward Operation Smile, which makes me feel even more excited about their company.

I'll announce the winner this coming Monday, April 2 - and all you need to do to enter is to leave a comment with your first name, your email address, and what your major is if you have one (because I'm curious). :)

If you win, I'll send you the coupon code!

Good luck!


  1. This is so exciting! What a great cause. - I'm an honors major in sociology and marketing.

  2. Andrea
    Elementary Education

  3. Free books, i'm in!

    alliecraw @

  4. i was able to hear the director give a speech about how this started, it is so great!

    health science and theology

  5. I'll be going to college next fall! I plan for early childhood development. :)


  6. I'd love to win. My name is Aubrey. I am not in school (already have my bachelors) but my husband is for real estate appraisal :) So this would be helpful!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  7. I love this program, I use it a lot when I get to choose where my money goes to a charity.

    Hotel and Restaurant Major

  8. This is an excellent group to be affiliated with...A chance at College books money for my dtr much appreciated! love your blog!

  9. I am definitely in. I'm a biological science major. =]

  10. Entering for my daughter, Hannah. She is a sophmore at University of TN at Martin, pre vet major

  11. I'm going to be in college soon as an Art major :)

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  13. Love this give away!!
    Clancy -
    I'm 1/2 way through Nursing school right now...(congrats on almost being finished! woo!! can't wait until that day comes...)

  14. Love this!

  15. Don't need to enter (not in US) but what a wonderful charity! I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon specifically so he can do facial reconstruction for cleft paletes etc. Such a better use for plastic surgeons I rekon!
    Amy xx

  16. This is great!
    Anthropology major

  17. Operation Smile is such a great organization! I love the work they do to help children with facial deformities. It's not just cosmetic work, it can help their quality of life :)

    I'd like to enter since this upcoming fall I'll be leaving home (for the first time!) and transferring to a new college as an English Major. (Wanting to teach secondary education!)


  18. Love this organization and love your blog! Thanks for all you do for so many!
    Religion major with Family Studies and Education Studies minors
    Thanks for everything, your blog always brightens my day :)

  19. What a great idea! Thanks for posting this...

    MA in Christian Studies

  20. This is such a fun opportunity! And for such a great cause!!

    B.S.Ed. in Teaching All Learners, a K-6 and Special Education licensure.

  21. Annina
    I'm a nursing major!

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