A letter to my plum-sized baby.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Little E,

Last night, we went on an adventure. Just you and me. The two of us have spent a lot of time hunched over a nursing textbook, a patient's bed, or a sewing machine, and I thought it was high time we stretch out and get some fresh air.

So I hopped on the back of my bike and headed west. We bumped along backroads, past spotted horses and rusty gates, watching tiny rabbits hop through crevices in old stone walls. We passed a rope swing over a creek that I had jumped from in high school, feeling brave until someone yelled "water moccasin!" and we all dog-paddled to the shore. We breathed crisp air sweetened with honeysuckle, and I have a feeling you could feel the change in me. The joy. The peace.

I thought to myself, "This is the same air you'll breathe. This is the same creek you'll play in. These are the same landmarks you'll know." You may not live here for long - even enough to remember - but this will always be where you got your start... the hills of Franklin, Tennessee, just like your mommy. I have a feeling you'll spend lots of your life in a city somewhere - but your beginning will always be here.

As I hunt for jobs and try to cram in my last clinical hours, I've been reminded of the not-so-fun parts of life that we all have to go through. But then there are beautiful parts. Like tonight. There are sweet pauses to clear our minds, our hearts, and rejuvenate our bodies. There are times to be alone, with God. And I can't wait to show you these parts. To introduce you to this messy, mysterious, complicated, wonderful world you're about to be a part of.

Are you ready?
I am.



  1. I just love this post. I think speaking the Truth and raising little ones to know God's love is the most beautiful and sacred thing in the world. What an impact on the Kingdom! You're going to be an awesome mommy!

  2. LOVE it and your love for your little one. btw-I went to a Steve Green concert a few weeks back, and your dad was there too, so I got to meet him. The point that Steve asked all the kiddos to come on stage, I took this little shy boy across the row from me up, because his mom had another little one and a baby in her arms. I lead him to the stairs up to the stage, and where does he go? To the piano and takes a seat right next to your dad. So cute! When the kids left, he stayed up there and chilled with your dad. It was so precious. I LOVED the evening--what a blessing it was to me. :)

    1. he told me he got to meet you!! I'm so glad you liked the concert!

  3. i really believe you are the best mommy already!!! praising Jesus for your friendship, how you teach ME about being a mommy, and for how you already know that weakness is the best place to start (be) as a parent. You will show that baby more grace than ever from that place.

    love you whit!

    1. You're so sweet for saying that... love you so much!

  4. Wow... this made me cry, and I am not even a mom, nor pregnant. It is just so beautiful and it makes me long to be a mom..(husband will be happy to hear that). Love Anneke

  5. What a beautiful beautiful letter!

  6. Wow. I stumbled on your blog a while ago and I havn't been back since until today! I read your beautiful letter to your little baby growing within! I am a mom of two boys 15 months apart and they bring so much joy! While reading your letter it brought tears to my eyes; as you are taking part in devoting this little one to God; teaching them what it means to be a follower of Christ. Such a beautiful thing! Thank you for sharing and being transparent it touched me. So Thank you. Blessings on your journey into mother-hood it's a beautiful thing :)



  7. WOW! What a beautiful person God created in you! You make me wish I knew someone personally with such a lovely spirit. Your baby, family and loved ones are truly blessed with you in their life. Blessings and prayers go up for the rest of your pregnancy and this chapter in the book of your life.


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