A proud moment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ok, guys. The countdown is really on... just a little more than 2 weeks until graduation! Even less than that for my last exam, so I will have nearly a week to do something I want to do. On my list so far:
- Check out a library book that has nothing to do with nursing or small business
- Work on a couple craft tutorials I've had in my head
- Think baby names. So far we think we might have our favorites, but they change... so I've been calling the baby "Little E" because we think it'll start with an E, but we're still not sure.
- Sleep in!

So it's almost time to celebrate the end of school and I'm taking just about every opportunity I have to do it! Today I'm attending an academic achievement ceremony (I'm not exactly sure what that is), but here's my proud moment... I was quoted in the program! They asked some Dean's List students to tell them what academic achievement meant to them, and this was about the most profound thing I could come up with in the 5 minutes I had (on the bottom of the page). :)

I think my favorite quote has to be the one right above mine to the left. So sweet.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank you for sharing. So great that you give the glory to God.
    (uh, yeah, I noticed the time of posting! :-) )

    1. Haha... For some reason, the time of posting is always off 2 hours... so I posted at 6:18am (still early, but I'm not quite as crazy as it looks!). :)

  2. ok, I saw that AFTER I posted mine @ "4:52 a.m." which for me might be realistic but not 'cuz I'm studying for an exam ! Well, glad to know you didn't have to get up that early!

  3. i like your blog soooooooooooooooo much


  4. It will be so lovely to have some rest after all your hard work.


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