This is precious. And powerful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You can bet I'll be seeing this documentary! I absolutely love this clip.


  1. Oh how cool! Thank you for sharing that!

    I used to work with Alzheimer patients and this makes me wonder what music would do for them! :)

    Thanks Whitney...

  2. WOW! This video is amazing! :)

  3. I just watched this today to! Love it so much! It makes me want to get a playlist together for my great grandma, who is 100 and in a nursing home. =)

  4. this is incredible. so glad you shared, and i only cried a teeeeeny bitty bit :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. It was very inspiring. During my nursing clinical rotation in residential care I had a similar experience with one of the residents who was unable to speak or talk and was very "closed." One of my fellow nursing students went up to the piano and played an old hymn and immediately this lovely lady began to perk up and hum along in perfect pitch, often adding beautiful harmonies. I sat beside her, held her hand and looked into her eyes as she came alive. Music really is a very powerful and beautiful thing.


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