Another letter to baby.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Little E,

Your dad and I got to hear your heartbeat this morning. It was 150 beats per minute, strong, and beautiful. I'm sure I'll listen to the recording a million times before I get to hear it on the outside. Everything else looks perfect. Since we're seeing a midwife, there aren't quite as many appointments or tests in these weeks, so every little bit of news is so exciting for us.

You're growing and growing, though I've somehow still only gained a couple pounds. But I look pregnant! So we're happy about that. You're also responsible for changing my center of gravity... and I'm a little less happy about that. Because when we go on trail runs together with you leading the way, it doesn't end so well:
Ouch. Thankfully I fell on my side and not right on top of you, but the midwife still wasn't too thrilled and said no more trail runs... and walking would probably be better than running. I sure hope you don't inherit my clumsiness. It's embarrassing.

Well, you're the size of an apple this week. You can move all of your joints around and you're kicking around like crazy. I can't wait to feel you soon! And find out in 4 more weeks if you're a boy or a girl!

Stay safe, little one. I'll stay off the trails and do my best to make sure you do. :)

Love you,

PS - Now I'm hearing how a heart rate of 150 means it's a girl... or is that an old wives' tale? Hmm... I could be wrong thinking you're a boy! We'll love you no. matter. what.


  1. I would be surprised if it's a boy. All three of my girls and my granddaughter all had high heart rates. My grandson's was always in the 130s. Can't wait to find out..........

    1. Me too! Now I'm second guessing my instinct that it's a boy. :) We'll see!

  2. I bet you are so excited to find out if Little E is a boy or a girl. I am very excited myself! :)
    I hope your knee heals quickly!

  3. So glad you got to hear the heartbeat. And if you have been running pre-pregnancy, you would be fine to continue running on flat, even surfaces as long as you feel comfortable, especially if it's something you really enjoy! I know you'll make a smart decision!

  4. aw this made me smile and gasp at the same time! little e needs to not be so crazy in your tummy to make you fall like that. ;) miss you, friend!

  5. Hearing your baby's heart beat is music! I miss being pregnant! That theory about the heart rate didn't hold true for me, but here's one...Are you shaving your legs more or less these days? It was definitely more frequent for me with Bear. Boys=more leg hair growth. :)

  6. only four more weeks until you find out?! oh that will go so fast!! (i thought girl too when i saw that heartrate)

    and ditto to the running...if you were running before you are fine to keep running. just stick to flat surfaces - if you were clumsy before it will definitely get worse :(. i ran the day i got admitted to the hospital with my son - i always felt better on the days i exercised! plus i felt like i "bounced back" very quickly post-delivery...definitely a bonus.

  7. my daughter's rate is always in the 150's and i'm 33 weeks along <3...can't wait to find out what you are having!!!! i'm going to put in my vote for girl though!!!!


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