Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shawn took these a few days ago when we caught the most incredible view of our backyard. Heavy rain, sun shining, everything just glowing. The pictures are gorgeous, but they hardly do justice to the real life view. It looked like paradise.


  1. I grew up just a few miles from where you guys are living now. Rains like these are among my favorite images from childhood (and the saturated green-ness of the world when the rains were over)—Love these pictures!!
    (And congratulations on all the wonderful milestones you've passed lately and on the wonderful hope that is to come with baby Newby!)

  2. How perfect :) Although, I must admit, I'm a weirdy and love gloomy, rainy days. There's something romantic about it to me. :)
    Eat Cake

  3. Incredbile!!! God is so creative and surprising. :)

  4. Wow, those photos are INCREDIBLE! God is a fantastic artist, is He not?! :)

  5. That is beautiful... but why did it remind me of "Click Clock Wood," the board on Banjo Kazooie where you play in all four seasons? Do you remember that one? Haven't thought of that game in ages, though maybe I'll sew a jinjo bird doll for a certain little baby come November!

    1. Haaaahahaha. This definitely didn't bring Banjo Kazooie to mind, but I totally see what you're saying (and yes, I remember). :) We were such Nintendo nerds. And a certain little Newby would love a Jinjo, I'm sure!


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