Cutting the cake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I love that we have this on video and can't wait to show E someday all the people that loved him before he even arrived!

Some favorite parts...
Papa filming with his iPad
Our friend Justine starting to cry in the background (so sweet)
Erica (white shirt) who had driven in that day from Charlotte, NC and back home the next
The Winkler's who had come from Kentucky just for the day to be with us
Shawn: "Victorious!" and flexing his muscles
My mom thinking for sure it was a girl

It was all so perfect.

Thanks to Tony Williams for taking the video, to Jennifer Breland for making the gorgeous cake, and to all our friends and family for rejoicing with us. We love you guys and are so, so blessed.

PS - Though the original plan was for Shawn and I to find out with everyone else, the ultrasound technician accidentally let it slip when she was looking back through photos and we saw "boy" printed across the screen. So had we found out at the cake cutting, I'm sure we would have hugged each other first! :) This was just a fun thing for everyone else to find out, even though we already knew.


  1. Que lindo!
    Me emocionei e fiquei feliz com o vídeo!

    Sou do Brasil e adoro seu blog!


    1. Translation:
      How beautiful!
      I was so happy and moved by the video!

      I'm from Brazil and I love your blog!

  2. This is so sweet! It made me tear up to see how many loved ones were there, and how excited they all were. What a happy moment! Little E will love watching this when he gets older. So many people there to celebrate him already!

    Shawn's reaction made me laugh. I think he might be excited about having a boy ;-)

    ♥ Bethany

  3. Oh you're all soo sweet :D That was beautyful :)

  4. this is PRECIOUS! my sister just did a cake ball reveal for her baby girl!

  5. Oh, how sweet!!! What a special moment to capture! Congratulations you guys!

  6. Oh, I was glad my screaming didn't TOTALLY ruin the sound! :-) Thing is, I would've screamed either way...girl...for "us" since we the 2 boys...but knew you wanted a boy and so the screaming was in total excitement for YOU! SO HAPPY! :-) (but I forgot the video was running or I would've tried to contain myself...mmm somewhat!)

  7. What a cute reminder of the day! love it!

  8. I love this! :) Thanks for sharing with all of us this special moment.
    Eat Cake

  9. Thank you for sharing this joyful moment. Blessings on you, Shawn and little E!

  10. Pretty sure I got teary eyed, and pretty sure that Amy Grant song had me rocking out. I love you guys!

  11. Love this! What a wonderful moment to capture. :)

    My mom is insistent that I'm also having a girl. So much so, that she only refers to my baby as our favorite girl name option. If this baby is a boy, he may have a complex!

  12. So cool that you have this on video! Such a special moment!

  13. What an amazing experience! I loved watching all of the reactions... Brought tears to my eyes. So sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)


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