Les Misérables.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have this insane love for Les Misérables.

When my parents first saw the musical in London when my sister and I were in elementary school, they brought back cassette tapes for us to listen to, and Kels and I fell in love. We played those tapes until we'd memorized every line, and we hadn't even seen the musical. When we would sing through the entire first act together in the car (sans cassette tapes... impressive, huh?) I would always play the much more desirable role of Jean Valjean and give Kels all the weird roles like Thenardier, Javert, and the priest who has to hit the lowest notes you've ever heard. I was an awesome big sister, let me tell you. I even got grounded on vacation for making fun of her interpretation of "Master of the House" (one of Thenardier's songs) and had to make her bed for a week. On vacation. Where they make the beds for you.

Anyway, when we finally got to see Les Misérables in New York City and in Nashville, it felt surreal. Then later, when Shawn took me to see it in Chicago, he fell in love, too. I knew we were meant to be all along. :) I remember when he leaned over to me and said, "Jean Valjean just experienced the Gospel" and I knew he got it.

Really, it's just such a beautiful picture of the Gospel and of grace to me. If you have a chance to read the book or see the musical, I can't recommend it enough. Aside from reading my Bible, it's one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had.

All that to say, Baby E has officially been introduced. He might as well, seeing as I'll be playing the soundtrack on repeat in his nursery in just a few short months. (Ok, maybe not... prostitutes singing about their hard lives might not be the most soothing or appropriate music.) While I sewed today, he and I listened to the entire musical and I sang along with all the important songs... the ones he will surely learn.

Any Les Mis fans out there? Favorite characters/songs?
I think Eponine has the best songs, Jean Valjean is my favorite character, and the scene where the priest  gives Jean Valjean his silver brings me to tears every time.

If you haven't seen it, I'm sure I'm coming across like the craziest girl ever. But hey, you get the chance to see it soon! In movie/musical form! It's coming out in December in theaters and isn't just a movie version but incorporates the music as well. It might just be one of our first leave-baby-with-Mimi-and-Poppy dates for Shawn and me. I. Cannot. WAIT.


  1. First: LOL! I am an only child, so I never got to experience the sibling interaction in the car. But since I have more than one child, I can totally picture the singing-in-the-car scenario. I love it.

    Second: Believe it or not, I have never seen the musical, but I HAVE read the entire book. (Well, okay, maybe I skipped a little bit of the section on the centuries of history at the convent.) I agree that it's a surreal experience. And I cry when the priest gives him the silver too.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I had no idea that this movie was happening!!! We don't have cable and apparently I'm waaayyy out of touch with the 'real' world! I'm ecstatic!!!!

    I would definitely say I'm a Jean Valjean and Eponine fan. Duh. Who isn't? But, what a beautiful musical. It makes me cry every time! Maybe its time I buy the soundtrack :)

  3. Just like you, I've been singing along to the Les Mis soundtrack for as long as I can remember!!! My brothers, sisters, and I always fought for the best roles to sing along to. :-) Eponine has always been my favorite!

  4. i freaked out when i saw the preview for the movie! nothing can top the live show but this new movie trailer gives me goosebumps every time. can't wait for december!

  5. LOVE this trailer. This is going to be fabulous! I think I've seen Les Mis in every form . . . live . . . anniversary celebrations . . . various movies . . . but this looks unique to all of them. And as much as I can't wait to see the movie, I'm more excited about the potential "leave the baby with Mimi and Poppy" moment. :) Love you!

  6. augh! i knew we would be friends. i LOVE les mis!!!! have ever since we had to read the book in high school; it is one of my favorite books of all time! after reading the book i got to see the musical in L.A. for my birthday the next year - so awesome! can't wait for the movie and i'd come over any day to sew and sing the soundtrack! ;)

  7. so pumped. so pumped. SO pumped!!!

  8. Love Les Miserables! I read the book during AP Biology (yes, really!) and got to see it on Broadway with my high school choir. What an emotionally charged musical - and I love all the pictures of redemption, too. I really do think "A Heart Full of Love" is one of my favorite songs from the show...

  9. So excited to see this movie! My favorite song is "On My Own". Loooove this song!

  10. i'm so embarrassed! there's a soundtrack? i read the book not too long ago (3 years?) and it took a while... i am still amazed at the amount of strength that the characters had. i saw the uma thurman version of the movie in college and kind of was wondering what was going on, so i truly am excited now to see it because i've read the book and 'get' it now (i hope!).
    i think that would be a fabulous post-baby date. :)

  11. Brian laughs at me for knowing all the songs and singing them and watching it on PBS (the 25th anniversary special). I love it, too! AND I saw it while a student at Moody!


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