Baby boy things I love, Etsy edition.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I love supporting other Etsy shops, and I really love some of these baby boy things I've found recently - for him and for his nursery (which, so far, I've done nothing with). Click on the pictures to take you to the Etsy items!

This stuffed animal:

These loafers:

These suspenders:

This print:

This vintage luggage:
This antique map:

This photo print of Central Park:

This bib:

This onesie:

Ok, your turn: Do you have any fun Etsy finds to pass along?


  1. You're going to have a stylish young man, Miss! :)
    I really love "Elephantine" by Rachel Ball. Her items are so simple & elegant.
    Eat Cake

  2. Your baby finds are simply delightful! I have to admit that usually my Etsy shopping is selfish shopping, so I won't be much help with baby stuff. However, one of my very favorite hats was custom made for me by the lovely gal in charge of Moaning Minnie ( ), and some of my go-to earrings came from SouthWindDesigns (she's on vacation right now, but here's the link: ). I guess the hat could be indirectly baby-related since hats are the ultimate instant-good-hair-day for mommies who need to take those precious minutes in the morning sleeping instead of fixing hair. : )

  3. A wonderful collection! Thank you for including my central park print! :)


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