Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Definitely recommend both.

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The Happiest Baby on the Block
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"On getting followers" by Jami Nato. 
I get this question a lot, too, and couldn't have penned a better answer. I adore this woman's heart and raw honesty.

Jen is one of my favorite writers and I really think every adoptive or pre-adoptive family should read this. So beautifully, and again honestly, written.

What are you reading these days? 


  1. Sarah's Key rocked my world. I'm currently reading The Kingmaker's Daughter, which will be followed up by The Midwife. Happy uninterrupted reading!

    1. The Midwife!! I've been wanting to read that one, too. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. so there are differing theories of course, but i highly recommend babywise for all your parenting questions. the authors are christians which made me appreciate their wisdom even more!

  3. I just finished the Guernsey book last week! It was so good! The middle was a tad slow for me, but I stayed up late finishing it. I wish people wrote more letters. My friend and I recently decided to write letters instead of emails and this book made me so excited for it!


  4. I read Guernsey last year and ADORED it. I just finished a book that has rocked my world: Heavenly Man by Brother Yun. It's the autobiography of one of the leaders of the house church movement in China. So many miracles, so much suffering... it was an absolutely beautiful, awe-inspiring account of God's overwhelming love and power and I HIGHLY recommend it to any believer.

    I'm also in the middle of One Thousand Gifts. I know you read it awhile ago. It is beautiful.

    On adoption... It's a pretty big blog so you may have already read it, but Ashley from Under the Sycamore just finally got to get their little girl from China yesterday (!) and it is such an incredible, moving story. They seem like such an amazing, God-centered family and I love to read about how they raise their kids and their process in adoption.

  5. I recently finished "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire for the book club I'm a part of. (ugh. Not something I'd recommend.) Right now I'm in the middle of "The Portrait of a Lady" by Henry James (good so far) and "North and South" by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (Her style is sort of a cross between Louisa May Alcot and Jane Austen). I also have a subscription to Saveur magazine which I really enjoy. AND I've been listening to "The Lion, the Which, and the Wardrobe" by C. S. Lewis. My four-year-old LOVES it!

  6. I am reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff. I am interested to hear what you think of Babywise, will you do a review? :)

  7. Forget reading Happiest Baby! Just watch the DVD-- it's way more helpful! Check to see if your library has it-- it's totally worth the effort/money.

  8. I'm reading Enders shadow, it's fantastic. Enders game is also a good read.

  9. I love seeing all the different books that everyone is reading. Unfortunately, as a college student, all I have time to read are my textbooks. But I also work as a nanny so I love trying to read little lesson plans to help my charges with their learning disabilities. If you have any recommendations for that, it would be greatly appreciated!

  10. I just finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Other books I've loved recently: Unbroken (the WWII vet, Louis Zamp0erini's story), The Book Thief and the entire Charlie Bone series. I keep up with what my friends are reading on goodreads. :)


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