A little Friday announcement.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby L has inspired a new venture for me...

Yep. I've opened a second Etsy shop!
I wasn't planning to announce it until I had at least 20 things in the shop, but because a few things have already sold as I've listed them, I thought I'd go ahead and let everyone know!

Right now, there are baby boy bow ties (perfect to pin on onesies and bibs) and bibs, but I'm also planning to add a few stuffed animals and possibly some baby bedding soon. And everything in the shop is ready to ship. Happy shopping!

PS - I really can't wait until Baby L is here so he can model these things for me... little does he know. :)


  1. aw, so sweet! congrats on opening your 2nd shop! :)

  2. oh what a great idea!! i love!! can't wait to see what all you put in there. It's so cute!!

  3. What an adorable shop! You are amazing, you know that?! :)

  4. so so cute! great gift for new "boy" announcements from friends expecting babies in feb!!

  5. the stuff is cute!! i like the bows. great job!

  6. I may have to have a baby just to buy something fun! ;)
    Congratulations on succeeding in a 2nd shop!
    Eat Cake

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