Friday Five.

Friday, September 7, 2012

1. If I had quilting skills (someday!), I'd start with this one. I love the pattern and the colors so much. Really, I love everything in her shop.

2. I cannot wait for Fall! Our baby will be here in the Fall (well, actually, in less than 55 days), and there will be apple crisp and pumpkin spice and cool, crisp air. Tennessee does Fall really well. I'm ready.

3. I'm still adjusting to this diabetic diet - and testing my blood sugar all day long. It is not fun. At all. It's been the hardest part of this pregnancy by far. But if it's good for baby and for me, I'm up for it. Thankfully, I got a good report from my doctor this week that, based on my glucose records, I won't need medications but can keep it diet controlled for now. That's really great news. I am praying hard that it will all normalize after birth and I can have a glass of orange juice again. :)

4. Shawn and I attended our first birthing class last night! To say some parts were awkward is an understatement, but I'm excited to be gaining tools for natural birth and I know we're going to learn so much. I'll be posting about what kind of birthing we've chosen after Baby L is here, when we see how it all really worked out.

5. I've yet to make one single thing for the baby. It's hard to sit down and sew for him knowing I have 70 clutches to sew with brides buying more every day. I have made a Pinterest board, though! That's a start, right? On my list right now to make before he's born: a boppy cover, a stuffed animal, a sling or wrap of some kind, and a blanket to go over his carseat. Manageable?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I whole-heartedly support your decision to share certain things after he is here :) I wish we could do that in real life just as easily without everyone asking all of the personal questions and trying to give their input, don't you?!?

    Ohh...birthing classes! Lol! Actually, I think I felt far less awkward at ours because I was coming straight from work, and I was so pregnant (we waited until the month before she was due), and so hot, and so tired...and then they would have us all lay out on foam pads, and turn the lights out, and play soothing music while we practiced breathing techniques...I fell asleep almost every time :) The good thing is that God designed our bodies to pretty much do it on auto-pilot--isn't that amazing? (Although, I still envy bears for being able to give birth during hibernation!)

    ♥ Bethany

  2. I've enjoyed the wrap I made using this easy tutorial:

  3. I just pinned that quilt a few days ago! Probably one of my favorites I've ever seen! It's just hard for me to find the perfect fabrics.


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