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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've recently stumbled on some very helpful online articles for running a small (online) business. Since Brighter Day is currently demanding full-time hours, I'm on a steep learning curve, even though I've had the business for more than 4 years. Shawn and I often remark how people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes when a purse (or 10 purses) is purchased. There's responding to customers, buying fabric, ordering mailing supplies, ironing, cutting, pinning, sewing, paying business bills, responding to more customers, printing custom labels, standing in line at Joann's, designing business cards, scheduling USPS pickup, weighing packages... and that's really just skimming the surface. And yet, with all of it, I really love the challenge. I'm so grateful to be able to stay home right now in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and sew - for a living! I don't take that for granted for a second.

Onto the articles I think you'll like...

How to price your work on the Etsy blog
Pricing your work is tricky and takes time to figure out what's fair to both you and the customer, but this little formula is a very helpful place to start.

Sending a well-branded email on the Poppytalk blog
It's good to remember that your "brand" is established, in large part, by your attention to customer service. I love the advice in this post.

How to package and ship from home by E Tells Tales
We have come a loooong way in the shipping department. It's rare that I go to the post office anymore (and seriously... thank you, Lord, for that!) because of USPS pickup and packaging everything from home. This is a really helpful guide to how to ship from home - and I really love ULINE, too!

Jumpstarting your Etsy business by Handmadeology
These are some more general tips that I think would be especially helpful for people just starting an Etsy business.

Any articles you've seen lately that I should add to the list? 


  1. I am just starting up my online business and this is soooo helpful! Thanks so much! Congrats on your pregnancy and I can't wait to read about your life after baby is born!! xo

  2. Thanks for this advice! I'm currently working on setting up an Etsy site and am headed over to check out these article right now!

  3. Your etsy site is beautiful! I love your work. And just have to say...I was surprised to see you'd changed your blog today! I personally thought it was easier to read with the extras on the right side...but I love that you're always creative with your blog. :)

    1. It's a work in process. :) I like the extras on the right, too... especially after having it this way for the past day or so. It'll change soon!

  4. Your shop is so happy! I always grimace when people complain about the price of my quilts- They are expensive to make and require hours and hours of work, and I already know I'm selling myself short by half. I'll take a gander at that pricing link- thanks :)

  5. Would you be willing to share how YOU package your bags for shipping? Meaning, how do you make them look pretty? This is something I struggle with. Most info I find is about gift wrapping a present that is not going to be shipped to someone. Would love your input or links you know of.

    1. Honestly, it has evolved over time. I've often used tissue paper or packing paper, wrapped each bag in that with a business card inside, and placed it into a box. Currently, I use a drawstring bag with "Brighter Day" stamped on the outside as a "dust cover" for each bag. If I think of other ideas, though, I'll let you know!

  6. thank you for sharing these! I'll have to make sure to read soon. :)

  7. Woohoo! Already off work?? I'm a little jealous! Enjoy this last month or so! :) How much time will you take off after delivery?

  8. I've been following your site for some time and I LOVE it. I find so many helpful things here; it's incredible how helpful you've been for my small online business. I THANK YOU so much. It's wonderful information you share with us.

    God Bless. I wish you all the best on your baby.


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