Friday, September 14, 2012

I knew it was only a matter of time. 
Though Baby L's room is far from finished, I have been inspired to make a few little things for him.
A whale that will be larger than he is. A stylish onesie to match his dad. A baby quilt that's still in progress.
Each project was very much on-the-fly. I freehanded the shape of a whale with a highlighter on the back of fabric, cut two pieces out, stitched on a doily, sewed it all together, stuffed it, and added eyes. For the onesie, I used iron-on backing to attach the vest and tie, then added buttons. And the quilt is just strips of leftover fabric I've cut into equal pieces and am sewing as I go.

7 more weeks of this kind of inspiration and he's going to have a whole zoo full of chevron and doily animals, a closet full of onesies, and a pile of blankets. I hope he knows how much his mama loves him.


  1. my husband was browsing your blog yesterday.i guess he inspired to have a baby, not very soon, but he said that after reading such blog many girls will want to experience all those feeling that a would be mom feels, towards her baby... thanks for sharing. the whale is just awesome! your son will love it!
    and i am sure he already knows that you love him so much. God bless!

  2. Oh my word, that onesie... I will need one (or ten) of those if I ever have a little boy. Oh yes.

  3. that whale! how adorable! & your little man will look super dapper in that onesie. :)

  4. I love whales for baby boy room decor!! That is what I want to do one day too :) They have cute baby blue whale decor at Marshall's right now, I almost bought it....

  5. Such great projects, I love the onesie!

  6. Fun! I am really loving the quilt! Great fabric choices!

  7. the stuff is SO DARN CUTE. it's going to be one sweet nursery.

    still singing 'penguin on my bottom' just so you know.

    1. Thanks girl... aaaand I'm pretty sure you'll never hear that song the same. :)

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