It's (almost) time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Home stretch.
Tonight at midnight, Brighter Day and Brighter Day Baby are going into vacation mode (i.e. maternity leave) for a few weeks. I had planned to keep them open through mid-October, but with the number of orders I've gotten in the last few days and weeks (thank you!), I need to close up shop a little early.

A couple nights ago during our hospital tour of the labor and delivery unit where I'll be delivering, I had a panicky moment, thinking, 'I have more than 50 purses to sew and send before I'm allowed to go into labor.' I'm pretty sure bridesmaid clutches and Etsy convos and customers' wedding dates are the last things I should be thinking about between contractions, so in order to finish them all up before Baby L arrives, it's just time.

So if you'd like to place an order, please do it today! And take advantage of the 15% off sale by using the code "FALLSALE15" at checkout. I'll be opening back up in mid-November. Thanks so much for understanding!


  1. You look so lovely with your tummy... take care of your self!God bless!

  2. Just beautiful!! Hope everything goes perfectly well for you.

  3. My "kids" are in their 20's now but I cherish those pre-delivery photos of my belly. I have a feeling you will also.

  4. Goodness you are stunning. Pregnancy is definitely something you should consider again :)

  5. You have some beautiful pictures on your blog but this is my favorite. Speaks a thousand words.

  6. You do look amazing!! So close. I'm happy that you're drawing the line on your shop. As much of a blessing as it is, you work a lot! Praying baby L will hold on a little bit longer so you can finish your orders... but not so long that he gets too big!


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