Monday, Monday.

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Monday morning (well... afternoon, now) and I'm feeling it. Must be something about being 37+ weeks pregnant, a gorgeous fall day outside, and a long to-do list that's making it hard to get much done.

This first step thing is really true in my life. Is it true in yours, too? Once I just take that first step toward a goal, I feel like I'm halfway there. The rest comes a whole lot easier - it's just the motivation needed at the beginning that can be so tough for me.

... I have a million thank-you notes to write (a great problem!)... the first step is making sure my list is complete, and picking up that first notecard and pen.
... I have 14 more purses to make before the baby comes... the first step is making some tea, turning on my iron and iTunes, and getting going.
... I have quite a few ideas for Brighter Day that will only get come to life if I take that first step. I think you get the idea.

So here's to first steps, big and small. Hope you take a few on this beautiful Monday!


  1. Pray for you often. It's OK to take some days/moments slowly too (I have to tell myself that a lot), especially when you're 37+ weeks pregnant. God establishes our plans and the pace of our days. He will help you accomplish everything you really need to. Wish I could help in more ways then just in prayer. :)

  2. Inspiring words and picture! Just beautiful.

  3. Ahhh sista! So funny that you posted this today... I just started a "health and wellness" challenge with a few of my friends to help get us through the holiday season... Day 1- today. So tough, but once you get going it always seems like "no big". Hope your "getting started" went smoothly and hope those itunes were Christmas music... he he... always seems to help motivate me!

  4. Very timely post! I've been thinking about making some positive changes in my life as well. Trusting in God to make it alright.

  5. This was perfectly timely for me today. Thanks Whitney!


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