Thursday, October 4, 2012

There's a short list in my mind of the things I think Baby L will know when he gets here:
... His mommy's heart beat
... His daddy's singing
... Tim Keller's voice
... Radnor Lake

It's here at Radnor Lake that Shawn and I spend at least a couple of afternoons every week. I bring comfy clothes for Shawn to change into straight from work, and we walk at a pace to beat the sunset.

It's gorgeous here. Lush. Quiet. Crisp.
It's an easy jaunt for Shawn, and an actual workout for 36-week-pregnant me.
Shawn skips along without breaking a sweat, while I brace my belly with my hands on the steep parts and endure Braxton Hicks contraction after contraction. I have this gut feeling that one of these days, it'll be here at Radnor that I go into labor. I would love that. I'm not so sure Shawn would. :)

But the best part is our talks. Our long and busy days are winding to a close, and there's a sense of life and peace and contentment among us. Because we're together. Together at Radnor.

We pass a lot of babies in carriers and strollers and I still can't believe we're about to join them in a few short weeks. It won't be long until we need to hike in a more public place - you know, just in case I go into real labor when we're miles out - but for now, I really love this little tradition we have.


  1. Seriously so sweet... When my husband is home from deployment, I hope we can carry out our own traditions that are as simple and enjoyable as this.

  2. Oh! So gorgeous! What a lovely thing to work into your schedules!


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