Monday, October 22, 2012

We have less than 10 days to go until Baby L's official due date, which I've learned is hardly official and very much a "guess date" as it has moved around several times. Because I know so many of you believe in the power of prayer like I do, I'm unashamed to ask you to pray.

Here's what we are praying for L's delivery, and I hope you'll join us...

1. That he comes on his own. 
Because of my gestational diabetes, I won't be allowed to go too far past my due date without being induced. We've prepared for an unmedicated delivery, and while I've heard it's still possible even if I have to be induced, I'm not sure I'm superwoman enough for that. :) I know he'll come at just the right time... it's just that there's a small(er) window that he has to make his debut on his own before medicine will get involved.

2. That he comes before October 30.
My dad will be leaving the country for 12 days after this, and it would be a joy for all of us if he could be around when L is born.

3. That our testimony to the nurses and midwives at the hospital would be glorifying to the Lord.
I've prepared about 50 scriptures that I want Shawn to read to me during labor, along with playlists of calm, sacred music that reminds me of the Gospel (mainly Fernando Ortega with some instrumental music, too). We pray that people entering our room will feel the presence of the Lord in an undeniable way.

4. That fear would not be an issue.
I've woken up several times in the last week with more intense contractions, and in my half-awake state, I'm gripped with fear that I just won't be able to handle real labor. I know that this fear is not from the Lord, and that my body was made to endure this, and I pray that fear would be far from me.

5. That both of us would be healthy and safe.
Obvious, I know. But worth praying for.

Thank you so much, friends. I can't wait to share the news that he's HERE!


  1. I will definitely pray. Such a overwhelming, daunting and exciting time! But God will be with you and everything will go according to His almighty plan. I pray that the health care providers will be understanding and reasonable. It seems like you have done a great job preparing and I am almost jealous with the midwife who is going to do your delivery. I am a midwife myself and have seen so many people who do not prepare at all for birth... your midwife will have an easy but grateful job!

  2. Saying a prayer for you now, Whitney! Everything will go just the way God intends. :)

  3. I am happy to pray for these request.

    When Jenny was born we prayed for an exact day ... which she thoughtfully came on. My husband was traveling and she was born the evening after he returned home.


  4. I will be praying, Whitney! May God pour His wonderful blessings upon you, Shawn, and Baby L!

  5. Praying for you and baby L! Cannot wait to hear that he's here!

  6. I will be praying for your family.

  7. Thank you for sharing this list. I have been praying for you, and it's good to know your specific requests. I love the rocking chair in Baby L's room, and I had a feeling you'd be adding more chevron. Love it all!

  8. Thank you all SO much! It means the world to know that people are praying all over the country and the world for this sweet baby of ours. What a huge blessing.

  9. You're in my prayers.Everything will go well, just like you've requested.

  10. yes, yes, YES we are praying! :-)

  11. My dear, never fear, for God will be in're the vessel - and will just ride the waves of birth. Behold the beauty of miracle of life inside you. He has given you a child! Focus on Him and He'll take care of the rest. You'll be amazed. Hugz & blessings! ~Lori in MI


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